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The State Health Assessment 2020 (SHA) provides scientific evidence of the health status of people in Arkansas. It is the foundation upon which the State Health Improvement Plan and the ADH Strategic Plan are based. It is an updated edition of the 2013 publication “Arkansas’s Big Health Problems and How We Plan to Solve Them”. The State Health Assessment has two complementary components: a report which is available in printed and electronic versions and an electronic scorecard.

State Health Assessment Report

The purpose of the State Health Assessment report is to provide information on the health of Arkansans including risk factors contributing to poor health outcomes for identified populations. In addition to data, the book identifies public health, health care, and other resources available in the community to help improve the health status of Arkansans. The report is also the foundation for the State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP), which serves as a blueprint for actions to be taken to address the issues identified in the Assessment.

Access to the full State Health Assessment 2020, as well as specific chapters, can be found here.

State Health Assessment Scorecard

For the first time, the State Health Assessment report is accompanied by an electronic ‘Scorecard’ which illustrates data trends for many of the issues highlighted in the report. This scorecard provides historical data to illustrate how the health issues have evolved over time and what the current trends are. Unlike the book version, the Scorecard primarily presents data in graphics and sometimes tabular formats, highlighting multiple-year trends of behaviors, diseases, and deaths. Since the Scorecard does not provide extensive narrative and the illustrations contain layers of information, tools have been created to assist users. A brief PowerPoint presentation provides basic guidance on how to navigate through any Scorecard, while a more detailed video provides more comprehensive guidance on how to navigate through the SHA Scorecard specifically.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the SHA Scorecard has not been updated since the publication of the book. Please check back for the status of planned updates.


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