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Particle Accelerators

A particle accelerator license is issued to a person whose submitted application has been approved by the Department for the use of a particle accelerator under the provisions of Sections 6 and 11, as applicable, of the Arkansas State Board of Health, Rules for Control of Sources of Ionizing Radiation. 

Below you will find application forms and licensing guidance specific to the type of accelerator, as well as any forms necessary to maintain compliance with Department requirements. Please sign where indicated and include any required fees. There is no fee for a renewal license application.

Accelerator Fee Schedule

Academic and Industrial Accelerators

Application for Academic or Industrial Particle Accelerator License
Application guide for Academic Particle Accelerator Licenses
Application guide for Industrial Particle Accelerator Licenses

See the Radioactive Material Program’s Vendor page for vendor requirements and registration.


Medical Accelerators

Application for Medical Particle Accelerator License
Application Guide for Medical Particle Accelerator Licenses
Acceptance Parameter Form

See the X-ray Program’s Vendor page for vendor requirements and registration.

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